Vendor Table Request

Natural New England Championships 2019


EVENT DATE: MAY 25, 2019

Table Rental Fee: $150/each (w/ tax and 4% cc fee $165.52)
Please get your Vendor table request in early! We are on a first paid, first served basis. Vendor Set-up is between (9AM-9:30AM). Please arrive at the venue NO EARLIER than 9AM for Vendor Set-up. Doors open for Spectators, Family and Friends at 9:30am!

If you are interested in becoming a Vendor at the Natural New England Championships, please complete the attached payment form. Please fill out the form completely and accurately.

The Vendor is responsible for the setup, take down and clean up of their space. Any violation of this will prohibit them from participating in the future.

The Vendor spaces must be staffed (with AUTHOURIZED Exhibitors) at all times for the protection of the Vendor and their items. The NNE Promoters, Venue, OCB, and/assigns will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items including but not limited to vendor products, materials and/or personal effects.

All table spaces will be marked off by the NNE event staff. The NNE event staff will strive to not place booths with similar products/services/information adjacent to one another, but that cannot be guaranteed. Vendors/exhibitors do not have exclusivity of products/services unless they are an exclusive sponsor.

All vendors must completely contain all information, sales, displays, signs, banners, etc., within their designated space.

The NNE Promoters reserves the right to regulate time, manner and activities of the Vendors. This regulation extends without limitation to individuals, noise, products, conduct, signage and/or anything with offensive language/material printed on it that NNE Championships might determine to be offensive or objectionable.

Vendor Fee Includes Up to (1) table and TWO (2) exhibitor passes per table/service. Each Additional exhibitor will need to purchase an additional vendor pass ($45). In the interest of space, all products/services must fit to one table.


***We will not offer exclusive sales rights to any vendor on any items, unless they are an NNE sponsor (w/ the exception of onsite NNE Exclusive Onsite Services: Photography, Tanning, Hair & Make-up Stylist.

All products sold must be created exclusively by the vendor. Resale of products is not allowed. NNE will manage a concession which will be the only authorized sale of Protein shakes, bars, water, food, etc.***

Thank you!

Jenette B. Jackson & Greg Gworek, Promoters

  • If any additional fees are required from the venue (ie. % of sales) it is the responsibility of the Person/Company Renting the table.

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